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Screened In Porch

Create The Perfect Outdoor Room

Screened In Balcony Porch

Extending your outdoor living space is like adding an additional room to your home or business.

We’ve helped many homeowners and businesses owners  enclose patios and cafe's where they enjoy cooking, dining, entertaining, and just hanging out.Screened In Portch

Using our exteior Screens to create a screened in porch will maintain the temperature within the room as heat outside rises and falls.

Our customers have reported impressive stats: one homeowner hosted an outdoor dinner party on a 30 degree evening. Utilizing a fireplace and portable propane heater, his guests stayed warm without jackets!

We’ve field-tested our SRS style screens in winds up to 75 miles per hour – they are designed to act as a barrier against extreme elements. The stability of the mesh will protect your outdoor furnishings, keeping your porch dry on rainy days (except for those days when it rains sideways, in which case you’ll have light misting through the screen mesh.)

Enjoy your deck or patio into the spring and fall just as comfortably as those balmy summer evenings.

Block the Sun . . . Not Your View

Our Rainier Screens are designed to filter out the majority of the sun’s harmful effects while preserving your outdoor view and allowing you to better control your interior lighting.  Our product is used to reduce annoying glare on computers and television screens and diminishes the harmful UV rays that fade your valuable home furnishings.

Our SRS Screens are available in a wide range of fabric, styles and color selections. They can block the sun and keep your view, or provide complete blackout if desired. Fabric warranties vary depending on your selection, but we have a number of fabric selections with 10-year limited warranties on exterior applications.

Available in 11 standard frame colors: white, bright white, tan, desert sand, navajo, gray, silver, bronze, brown, green, and black.

Every screen is built to order with powder coating done in-house, resulting in a beautiful finish and requiring little maintenance.

Keep bugs where they belong, outside!no insects

The SRS screen has the additional benefit of being insect proof. ** To fully enclose your living area from pesky bugs, the SRS system has a brush on the hem bar for a seal along the bottom of the system, and a built-in, self-cleaning system.

The SRS system is the only screen system to utilize two brushes in the housing to clean the screen as it rolls up and down. This prevents dirt and debris from entering your home, and, and critters from nesting in the housing.