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Louvered Pergola

Louvered Pergola

We are proud to introduce new range of innovative bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable louvered blades to create your perfect micro climate underneath

Due to the air circulation between the louvered blades and the ability to block the sun's harsh UV rays - you can create the climate that is most comfortable to you.

You can even use the new climate sensing technology to maintain your preferred microclimate so your remain comfortable.

We have three customizable models of Louvered Pergolas.

KE Dry

Pergola with Lourvered roof

KE Dry is a bioclimatic pergola with adjustable louver blades which safeguards you from the weather. Thanks to the roof with adjustable blades, you can adjust the sunlight, or shut out the sun completely.led lights on louvered pergola

KE Dry A

KE Dry Pergola 

 This aluminum louvered pergola has a modular design that makes it a suitable protective covering for any type of outdoor living area (gazebo, patio or terrace).  It is also suitable for cafes, restaurants and other businesses.Louvered Patio Pergola


KE Dry T 

Free standing louvered Pergola